New Construction Windows

Independent Milwaukee Contractors for Window Installation

Infinity Exteriors designs and installs new windows into homes under construction or remodeling. Known as new construction windows, these frames can be customized to fit your home’s design and are not limited by preset sizes.

When building a new home, the windows are one of the earlier parts to be installed. These windows have better stability than replacement windows since they are installed when the frame and studs are easily visible.

During remodeling projects, many homeowners overlook their windows. Yet windows have the unique benefit of transforming the interior and exterior of your home. If you are having new siding added or plan on extensive interior work, now is the time to consider upgrading your windows with Infinity Exteriors.

The Benefits of Professional Installation of Windows

Installing windows incorrectly can lead to a lot of issues. The most common problem is inadequate waterproofing leading to water entering the home and causing the frame to rot. And many DIY installations go wrong due to confusing instructions. Infinity Exteriors saves you the trouble of busting out your stud finder, cutting through dry wall, and hoping for the best.

We know how to deal with all the most common issues which arise when installing windows. We ensure the finished window is level, waterproofed, and properly sealed. Our professional contractors go beyond measure twice, cut once: we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our services.

Energy Efficient Full Frame Replacement Windows

All of the window brands offered by Infinity Exteriors were chosen for their energy efficiency. These windows will help regulate indoor temperatures, lowering your heating and cooling bills. The windows also last for years and years, saving you replacement costs down the road. There are even tax credits available for having energy efficient windows!

Enhance your home inside and out with new construction windows from Infinity Exteriors.

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